Start Early, Keep Them Ahead! 

Who is this for: Parents/Carers with Children ages 12-17 years

​This learning experience is currently being used by parents in North America, Europe and Africa.

This coaching will take you and your tween/teen on an online journey that'll change how you see global careers and it will set your child on a cause for career success.

Follow this simple coaching experience and be challenged to help your child begin the journey towards realising who they want to be. You’ll Ignite and Facilitate Real Career Conversations With Your child…

Even If You’re Starting Out Late In with your child.

Your teen deserves to know, be led and be informed on what is possible as traditional careers and global opportunities are rapidly changing with the incremental value of cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Targeted knowledge is Wisdom built for foresight.

How Much?

Why this?

Understand 'Why' they need to start early

Every parent wants the best for their child. You do too. That's why starting early is NEVER late. It is wisdom and the best play.

How to keep them ahead of their peers

If you don't show them the different possibilities, then they won't be aware of the different opportunities. Keep them ahead by using the resources provided in this coaching experience.

How to help them thrive in a competitive world

You have them for only a short while, and then they go out to figure out the world. Parent's give children the tools to thrive in life and in their careers. Use our resources.

How Much?

Your Coach.

Nkechie Ilori is the founder of The School of Achievers, a career transformation suite, where she helps individuals, managers and organisations transform their career journeys and stories.

Previously, Nkechie has worked in Virgin Media, HSBC, Visa Europe, and has served customers in over 20 countries, delivering digital transformation. She is also an author, and in her spare time, she writes about deep things that affect humanity. She is fondly called 'Emma' in professional circles.

She believes in your future.